About us

Over the years we have represented pretty much all of the Formula 1 Teams with dedicated Team Stands. We started with Jordan and BAR teams, who certainly knew how to enjoy themselves and we worked hard but played hard too and had a lot of fun with them over the years. There were the end of season parties in Suzuka, where we have seen many an intoxicated Driver, so much so we have even thought they were dead!

However Formula 1 has changed over the years and as it is the pinnacle of Motorsport, the Teams expectations are very high, they must have confidence that the company can represent the Team to the highest level. We have achieved this by our constant commitment, and passion along with investment and innovation.

Since ‘Bernie’s’ departure the business of selling at the Formula 1 Grand Prix has changed dramatically, so we have expanded into the general retail market, and MJ Monaco have rented temporary shops in various Shopping Malls in the World during the main Formula 1 event, which increases our presence within the retail market and contributes to our ongoing growth.

We have been successful by growing our market through creativity, invention, and innovation, and the next diversification was as a result of a happening many years ago when Michael and Judi were vending at the USA F1 Grand Prix in Indianapolis. Judi spotted a little stand, selling jewellery. Having investigated, she had her heart set on an F1 Car Pendant, which she persuaded Michael to buy, but it didn’t stop there. Judi also wanted the matching earrings, and unbeknown to him she did a deal with the Jeweller, who wanted a McLaren iPod Jacket, so they were both happy!

Judi still lives and dies in her pendant and earrings, and has had them admired regularly throughout the years. With the Jeweller in America no longer vending, it gave us our next idea... Jewellery. So MJ Monaco are now concentrating on their bespoke Jewellery, for both Men and Women, along with Watches, which I am sure you will love. Our store offers a wide range of products relating to F1, relevant car parts and drivers, which we are constantly increasing.

We are still travelling the World, and will be introducing online ‘Grand Prix’ specials so keep a look out for these, or if you see us on event, come and say hello!!